Mysterious Song is a traditional Japanese style RPG in which you travel between towns and dungeons across an overworld map.

Speaking to the correct NPCs will further the progression of the story and unlock new areas to explore.

Battles are random encounters which allow you to earn GP to spend at shops and Experience Points to increase the levels of your characters. Magic users can also learn new spells from gaining levels.






Battles are turn based. At the beginning of each turn you select the actions of each party member and then both the party members and enemies each perform a single action and then the turn is over.

If a player is set to attack an enemy and that enemy perishes before their turn to attack, they will attack a different enemy instead.

There are multiple attack spells of different levels for both players and enemies.

Status ailments and even death can be cured by both items and spells.

Enemies drop items and equipment.


You can buy items and equipment from shops in towns.


Staying the night at the Inn will restore your HP, MP and remedy any status conditions, including death.

The Inn also allows you to save your progress.